Awesome books - No Run Intended by Hannah E Phillips

May 2017

No Run Intended by Hannah E Phillips
Book review by Nat Jackson
Where to find it: Click here
Where to find the author: @hannah3phillips on twitter
What it’s about
An engaging, enlightening and at times utterly hilarious trip with one woman on her journey to becoming “a runner”. Hannah Phillips takes us with her from her first balaclava-clad run in a dark park to her declaration that she would run the London Marathon!
Why we love it
It’s an open and very honest account of Hannah’s foray into the world of running, and her subsequent decision to stay there! It wasn’t without drama – with injuries and the odd trauma along the way – all shared frankly and openly with just the right amount of humour. So much of what Hannah went through in starting to run I can relate to – the trainer shopping, the bra situation and the amazing feeling running brings. As you know we’re all about the ways in which running relates to life and the lessons it can teach us – this book is full of inspirational quotes and lovely anecdotes (and a swear word or two - you've been warned!)
Our favourite quote
“Train your mind; once your mind is trained your legs will follow suit”
What we give it (with our super cloud rating out of 5 – 5 being awesome and 0 being meh): 5 clouds!