6th Jan 2015 - New Year, New Plan... Desk to 5k is here!

January 2016

Desk to 5k by Totally Runable is here! Look out for our Desk to 5k Social Media campaign featuring #totallyme quotes to promote the launch of Desk to 5k. 

Desk to 5k by Totally Runable is an 8 week plan which will help you get from your desk to running a 5k. Whether you are new to running or haven’t run for a while, this could be the perfect plan to get you on your way.

Desk to 5k is different from other 5k plans, because it includes non-running elements that work together to improve your running. On non-running days you will either be stretching or doing your weekly ‘strength for running’.

Working on strength and stretching will support your running and minimise risk of injury, as well as helping you feel fitter in everyday life, climbing stairs or walking the dog. With a combination of both you will recover from your runs more quickly and improve at a faster pace.  Each week there is a mental and physical focus to think about, mixing your physical training with a positive mindset, so by the end of the plan you’ll be fit enough and confident enough to keep on running

Are you ready to take the Desk to 5k Challenge?

For more details and to download the plan to get in on the action, go to www.totallyrunable.com/courses/desk-to-5k - before you start make sure you read the FAQs as these include important health and safety info.

Share your journey, ask questions and be totally sociable on our Facebook page or on Twitter using #deskto5k or if you like the launch campaign using #totallyme

Good luck! We can't wait to hear your success stories!