1st August 2016 - Marathon Summer Camp Run Boosts Confidence for Girls

September 2016

A Summer of girls only camps mixing running with mindset coaching kicked off this week in Wakefield. The first camp ended in success with 12 local girls and their trainers working together to run a Marathon distance in 25 minutes.


It might be the Summer holidays but Gawthorpe Community Academy’s school field was as busy as ever last week for the launch of a Summer of girls only camps.

Last week’s camp is one of several being run over the Summer in both Ossett and South Elmsall aimed at boosting girls’ confidence in and out of sport.

Olympian and Totally Runable co-founder Emily Freeman said this week, “We are really excited about running these girls only camps in and around Wakefield. I know first hand how important it is for girls to be confident, not only in sport but in all areas of their lives, and that is our aim with Totally Runable. We use running as the tool to boost confidence, and of course have a lot of fun at the same time! We have a real mixture of abilities in the girls attending our courses – lots aren’t runners at all, and aren’t big fans of it, all the way up to those who run regularly and are members of local clubs. Our mindset training works so that they all get something out of it and go home with a positive ‘can do’ approach to whatever it is they are into.”

This week’s camp, called “My Personal Best”, culminated in a timed run on the last day, around the school field. Co-founder and trainer Natalie Jackson said, “We didn’t tell the girls about the challenge until the morning of the run. We’d been working on their running confidence all week and so we knew they’d do better than they thought they would, but we really didn’t expect such great results. We didn’t tell them how far the course was, just challenged them to do as many laps as they could in 20 minutes. They could then finish their last lap if they wanted to. All of the girls managed at least 3 laps, some managed 7 and even 8 laps. When we added up the total they were amazed to find that including their warm up it was just over 42.2km, or 26.2 miles, which is a marathon. They were all so proud of themselves and it really was a fantastic achievement!”

Parents have also praised the camp this week. Maria Wilson, Mum to Isobel, aged 7, who attended the camp, said it was “a fantastic way for girls to develop their sports skills and a belief that with a positive mindset, they can achieve anything”.

“My Personal Best” is one of three being run by Totally Runable this Summer, along with  “Running Like a Girl” and “Running My Own Race”. Places are still available on courses in Ossett and South Elmsall priced at £45 for 3 days. Parents can email beinspired@totallyrunable.com to book and see the website at www.totallyrunable.com for more details.