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Team Totally Runable and their stories so far...

Emily Freeman OLY, Founder and Director


Totally Runable Co-Founder Emily Freeman is an Olympian and Personal Trainer. A year after her last race on the track she founded Totally Runable with Natalie Jackson, with a new dream to impact the health and fitness industry for good.

Elite sport has its ups and downs, and Emily certainly went through her fair share. From false starts and dropped batons to world finals, winning races and travelling the world, she’s always been up for a challenge and believes nothing is impossible.

When not empowering people through running to maximise their potential and have all they want out of life, Emily is working her way through her retirement to do list (juggling and mastering the art of croquet having been at the top - next up it's beekeeping and designing and building her own house!) Until then, she is on a Totally Runable mission to share with others the tools they need to create the life they want, through changes to self-esteem, fitness and mindset.

Natalie Jackson, Founder and Director


Totally Runable Co-Founder Natalie Jackson is a qualified Lawyer and former Director of a Law Firm in York. Natalie founded Totally Runable with Emily Freeman in to share all she’s learned about running and give others the tools to break barriers and get more out of life. 

The universe handed Natalie her future with a place in the 2011 London Marathon, aged 25 and 3½ stone overweight with a hatred of all things running. Cue some hard work, sweat and tears before 26.2 miles of breaking physical and mental barriers to make it to the finish line. Fast forward through a few more marathons, 50lbs of weight loss and several pairs of trainers, and Nat has a whole new outlook on life and what is possible. 

As a former litigator, Natalie is partial to a bit of drama, from representing clients at Court to playing Jack (of the Beanstalk fame) and Aladdin in pantomime. She spends her time in sparkly heels and muddy trainers, giving her all whether in the boardroom or out on the run. 

Totally Runable is everything Nat wanted when she started running, using Natalie’s experience and Emily’s expertise to break physical and mental barriers and support others to achieve what they never thought possible. She firmly believes you can do anything you set your mind to.


Delphine Pearson, Course Facilitator

Delphine's role centres around the delivery of Totally Runable courses in schools.  Her background is in education, she originally trained and worked as a Primary School Teacher.  She also has experience working in further education (Literacy), adult & community provision (Family Learning) and the not-for-profit sector (Financial Capability).  She is passionate about several things: her children, education and running.  Delphine spends most of her spare time either training or attending sporting events, both for her running club and supporting her children who also enjoy club sports.  Totally Runable presented her with a unique opportunity to be part of a team that inspire and empower individuals through a mixture of physical activity and growth mindset work.  She is excited by the challenge of making positive change to the understanding, quality and levels of PE in school.  


Mackenzie Margrave, Business Admin

Mackenzie is an Apprentice working to keep Totally Runable HQ operational. She joined Team Totally Runable in June 2017 as the company's first official employee and splits her time between making sure Totally Runable admin runs smoothly and helping to deliver courses, holiday clubs, PE conferences, Awards evenings, competitions and anything else Totally Runable are involved with. Since joining the team Kenze has taken on, and completed, the Desk to 5k Challenge and completed her first ever parkrun! 



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