Everyone has the ability to be great. Sometimes all we need is someone to tell us we can, and give us the tools to unlock our potential.

We do that with running - using running as the tool to build confidence in sport, exercise and life. Running is something almost all children do, and almost all adults can do (even if they've forgotten how!) - it is easily accessible and builds seriously transferable skills to apply to the rest of life - like resiliance, determination and a strong sense of self.

On your marks …

We work with girls age 7 up and with adult women - often school staff - using running as the tool to build confidence in sport, exercise and life. By approaching it in the right way anyone can improve their running and learn real lessons about themselves and the rest of their life. 

Running is also something we have some serious experience in. We know what it takes to run at all levels - from adult beginner to Olympic athlete - and at all distances from sprints to marathons. We know what it takes to get started and we know how to turn consistent actions into results. We work with girls aged 7 upwards, both in and out of school, as well as with their mums and teachers. If you, your children or school want to get more active and make running part of your life - let’s do it together.

Change your mindset …

The core values of what we do are about being who we dream of being, having a growth mindset and always believing we can improve, and in pursuing our potential, whatever that means to each of us. We create a space without judgment for girls and women to use running as the tool to be inspired and empowered, mixing physical training with mindset training to break down our barriers and help us become our best selves.  

Success is about figuring out what we want and starting from where we are. By controlling the controllables, learning from failures and focusing not just on outcomes but on the processes that get us there, we maximise our chances of success, and give failure a whole new meaning. 

Healthy body, healthy mind …

The real magic of breaking through barriers and limiting beliefs happens when our body and mind are working together to get results. 
Totally Runable courses give our runners all the tools they need to be who they want to be and to create the life they want, helping our runners to be happier, healthier and more productive in whatever they love to do, using running as the fitness tool to help them take control and become the people they dream of being. 

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