School Sports Strategy

Our courses kick start your fitness plan and make it a whole lot easier to stick to. We do all the planning, so you don't have to. We're on hand to answer any questions you have or break things down so you can continually meet achievable goals. We mix running and self development because we know you can't get the most out of your fitness, or your life, without both working in harmony. We give you all the tools you need to complete each of our courses more motivated, and ready to take on your world a fitter, stronger and healthier you.

Sue, 59 "I didn't exercise before – things just got in the way, but the course allowed me to make time for exercise and motivated me because I was achieving something."

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Girls & Sport

Want to starting running? You can totally do it! And if it's support you need - count us in. Starting running isn't easy, but our beginner course makes it simple - covering everything you need from what to wear, to how to breathe properly when running. The first step (in running and life) can often be the hardest - but you won't regret it. Whether you'd love to be able to pop out for a quick run in the middle of a busy day, run around more with your kids in the park, or have a marathon lurking somewhere on your bucket list, we can help. Whatever your goal, we'll give you the tools to take you there.

Hayley, 23 "I hadn’t run at all before I started the course and in 8 weeks I was running 5ks - more energised, more excited and generally a happier person!"

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Girls & Sport

The body achieves what the mind believes. The real magic of breaking through barriers and limiting beliefs happens when our body and mind are working together to get results. Healthy habits are the key to achieving our goals. Our courses give you the tools to build healthy habits and maximise your chances of getting the outcome you want. Success in any area is about figuring out what you want and starting from where you are. So let's hear what it is you want, and get started on your journey...

Lorraine, 51 "I've made changes at work and at home. I loved the course. Totally Runable was a 'total inspiration' to me! I can't wait to set my next goal"

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I'd love totally runable
to help me...

Get ready to make life more Totally Runable! Whether you’ve found us through your employer or made your way to us yourself, this page will tell you all you need to know about what Totally Runable can do for you.

Grown Up Beginners

Running faster is almost always doable, with the right tools and the right mindset. Our courses mix both, so if you need that bit of direction with your fitness, we are all about helping you find it. Whatever level your running is at, we can help you get more out of it and find great ways to apply what running teaches you to the rest of life. Habits, nutrition, mindset and goal setting are just some of the topics we cover. If you have the motivation, we have the tools to make it happen.

Sarah, 18 "The course has made me change my lifestyle for the better. I feel fitter, happier, healthier and also more confident! Why did I ever hate running?!"

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Join In

With each of our courses, you're part of a community. Totally Runable brings a team together to work towards their running and life goals in a fun, safe and secure environment. Our seminars give an insight into what running can teach us about life. Our team building days dig a little deeper, with some fun physical sessions to get you moving. Our longer courses give you a community to train with in your physical sessions and a team to share the self-development workshops with.

Jodie, 28 "The community spirit of the sessions motivated me to be there for the team. Everyone was at a different level of fitness but we were all equal. "

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